From Illinois To London Conferences

Travelling from Illinois to London to attend some London Conferences was a tough choice. The investment of over $1000 into this is quite a large sum of money and I was scared to whether I would receive enough value from the conference to make the investment worthwhile, however after attending I have to say that this is definitely worth all the money I spent and more. I would probably spend up to $10000 for my next conference as this London one was truly amazing. I was mind blown after the first speech which was delivered than none other than Gary Vaynerchuk, he delivered this speech fantastically giving me tons of new energy and drive to pursue this career.

Learning about how Gary had failed so many times and how he has tried SEO was the reason that I wanted to keep going. He had failed over 40 times with trying to build an SEO agency and trying to deliver the most amount of value for money to his customers. His customers though were tough corporate businesses who consistently sucked the time and life out of Gary leading to him moving onto some social media marketing.

At the event I was also allowed to listen to the speech by Vanessa who told us about her journey through the SEO world and how she had made her kitchen blog and gave it such a boost by attending her first SEO conference. This conference she met over 60 people that were able to help her grow her business. Many people look for people like her who are starting out and clearly have a passion for what they do, but may not know the technical side of their job. Vanessa is similar to what I want to do, but moving from Illinois all the way to London will be a long and costly commitment.

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